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HYALURON Anti-wrinkle serum - 30 ml - Floslek

HYALURON Anti-wrinkle serum - 30 ml - Floslek

Concentrated, gel serum for care of mature skin, prone to the wrinkles formation, requiring hydration. Action: intensely moisturizes, smoothes the skin. A Vegan product. Contains 96% ingredients of natural origin. Dermatologically tested.

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  • Vegan

One of the features a good face serum should contain is a high concentration of beneficial active ingredients. All FLOSLEK serums and concentrates contain soothing extracts and ingredients that rebuild the skin. Despite their concentrated formula, the cosmetics are light, which makes them ideal for layering with subsequent skincare products.

What makes serums and concentrates so highly effective and versatile?

Above all, they are packed with active ingredients that are instantly absorbed into the skin. You can easily combine your chosen serum with any other skincare product - creating advanced skincare. Great for dry, stressed and tired skin, they also provide an amazing anti-ageing effect. Whether you use them daily in combination with a face cream or as an intensive treatment over several weeks, serums and concentrates can work wonders for your skin!

How to use facial serums?

You can apply the serum twice a day: in the morning before applying your day cream and SPF, and at night before applying your cream or nourishing mask. If you are looking for a lightweight effect, the serum can be used as a stand-alone product. How you use it is up to you!