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FLOSLEK SUN CARE Oil-free Toning Cream SPF 50+

SUN CARE Oil-free Sun Protection Tinted Cream SPF...

Oil-free, water resistant tinted cream for mixed and oily skin that requires very high sun protection. Action: evens the skin tone, discolorations, spots and freckles, provides very high protection against harmful UVA and UVB radiation, regulates sebaceous glands secretion. Dermatologically...

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  • Vegan

SUN CARE Sun Protection Tinted Cream SPF 50+ dry and...

Water resistant tinted cream for dry and sensitive skin that requires very high sun protection. Action: chemical filters guarantee very high protection against harmful UVA and UVB radiation, pigments masks the visibility of skin imperfections: discolourations, spots and redness, evens out skin...

Price PLN45.99
  • Vegan

SUN CARE Cream-Gel anti-spot SPF 50 - 30 ml - Floslek

Ultra-light protective cream-gel with high UV filters recommended for daily care of damaged skin, with sun spots, discoloration or visible scars. Thanks to new generation of  UVA and UVB filters, the cream-gel provides high sun protection, delays the skin aging proces. Cream-gel perfectly...

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  • Vegan

SUN CARE Anti-Wrinkle Protective Cream SPF 30 - 30...

Protection cream with anti-wrinkle effect is recommended for the care of sensitive, dry and mature skin, prone to discolouration and redness, exposed to the harmful effects of UV radiation. Action: provides high sun protection, minimaizes the risk of discolouration, sun spots and freckles, helps...

Price PLN45.99
  • Vegan

Most people understand the importance of applying sunscreen during the summer months. But did you know that sunscreen should be applied all year round? The sun takes no holiday and, even when obscured by clouds, it affects our skin by emitting UV rays.