Dermocosmetics for hair

Specialist cosmetics for hair and scalp care - shampoos, conditioners, masks, serums and rubs. They have a positive effect on improving the condition of hair, in case of hair loss, weakening, excessive greasiness, tendency to dandruff as well as improving the condition of the scalp.

How to treat dandruff?

Dandruff is a common scalp problem where small pieces of dry skin flake off the scalp - usually visible as, a white powder suspended at the roots of the hair. The most effective way to treat and control dandruff is to use an anti-dandruff shampoo and scalp treatment. Also try not to scratch or irritate your skin.

What are the signs of baldness?

One of the keys to stopping hair loss is to spot the signs of baldness as early as possible and take action as soon as possible. Here are some worrying signs:

  1. Noticeable change in hairline - baldness often begins at the hairline, which becomes increasingly 'receding' over time.
  2. Thinning hair - a reduction in the amount of hair across the entire scalp or a specific area of the scalp, such as around the top of the head - the so-called "crown".
  3. Excessive hair loss after bathing or brushing - if you notice that your hair is falling out every day for an extended period of time and you also notice more and more hair on your pillow in the morning, this is a worrying sign.

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ELESTABion® W Anti–hair loss treatment - 100 ml -...

Highly concentrated treatment is intended for hair care chronically falling out, thinning, thin, weakened with a tendency to fall and lose their density. For men and women. Action: increases hair density in 77% of probants*, helps to reduce of failing hair (visible on the brush, after washing) in...

Price €12.28

ELESTABion® W Strengthening hair mask - 200 ml -...

The mask provides intensive nourishing thin and weakened hair prone to falling out and losing density. The product is also recommended for people with sensitive skin, prone to allergies. Action: increases hair elasticity, strengthens, regenerates and smoothes dried and damaged hair, protects...

Price €5.60

ELESTABion® R Mulitifunctional hair silk serum - 30...

The serum is intended for intensive regeneration and protection of hair exposed to harmful effects of high temperature while using heat styling tools. Action: helps to restore hair softness, improves hair elasticity, perfectly smoothes hair, increases hair shine, provides a feeling of...

Price €4.33