Dermocosmetics for sunbathing

UV sunscreen should not only be in our summer essentials, its use is just as important in the second half of the year, because UV radiation is just as harmful in winter as it is in summer. What's more, UVA rays can penetrate window glass. This means that we are exposed to the harmful effects of the sun even when driving a car or sitting at a desk.

How do I apply sunscreen products?

The rule of thumb for sunscreen application is: Wear sunscreen on your face and exposed parts of your body all day long, even if you spend most of your time indoors. The importance of sun protection cannot be underestimated during the summer months. The nice weather encourages you to spend more time outdoors and expose your body, resulting in your skin becoming more sensitive to the sun. Whatever the season, make sure you and your family have the right sunscreen products from FLOSLEK.

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copy of SUN CARE Protective stick SPF 50+ - 16g -...

Water-resistant sunscreen stick designed to provide spot protection for sensitive to the sun skin and areas particularly exposed to UV radiation. Recommended for tattoo care. Action: provides very high protection for areas particularly exposed to UV radiation (nose, ears, eye area, forehead,...

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