Dermocosmetics for body

Specialised care with cosmetics dedicated to specific skin types and needs. Selected ingredients of dermocosmetics improve the condition of problematic skin such as capillaries, acne, dryness and discolouration. We help you take care of the highest level of skin care at home.

Can everyone use dermocosmetics?

As a rule, dermocosmetics are not dedicated to a specific age group, but respond to specific skin problems. They alleviate the symptoms and even support dermatological therapy. Dermocosmetics are ideal for sensitive and allergy-prone skin, and are also popular with pregnant women.

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Arnica gel for dilated capillaries, bruises and...

Care for skin with dilated capillaries, prone to reddening, bruises and puffiness. Action: evens out the skin tone and reduces visibility of redness and bruises, gently cools, soothes puffs, injuries, swelling, accelerates regeneration, improves moisturizing, so that the skin is tighter, less...