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There is no one correct and universal skincare routine for every skin type. Whether you're a minimalist who prefers to stick to a three-step routine or the type of person who wants to follow the 11 steps of skincare every day in pursuit of glass skin, the facial products you choose and the way you apply them have a big impact on how well you look after your skin.

Know your skin type

Proper care should start with determining your skin type and then adjusting your cosmetics accordingly.

  1. Normal skin - balanced, supple, smooth to the touch.
  2. Dry skin - is rough, flaky and often has an earthy colour.
  3. Oily skin - is shiny, shows enlarged pores and is prone to acne.
  4. Combination skin - is dry in some areas (cheeks) and oily in others (forehead, nose, chin).
  5. Sensitive skin - after the application of make-up or certain cosmetics, it may become red, itch or burn.
  6. Vascular skin - very delicate, thin, with visible dilated capillaries.

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HYALURON Anti-wrinkle eye cream - 30 ml - Floslek

Advanced eye care to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and dark circles around the eyes. Formulated to firm and resilience, moisturise and regenerate the skin around the eye area. The light texture glides on smoothly and does not weigh down the thin skin. The excellent composition guarantees...

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HYALURON Anti-wrinkle serum - 30 ml - Floslek

Concentrated, gel serum for care of mature skin, prone to the wrinkles formation, requiring hydration. Action: intensely moisturizes, smoothes the skin. A Vegan product. Contains 96% ingredients of natural origin. Dermatologically tested.

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HYALURON Regenerating night cream - 50 ml - Floslek

A nourishing and regenerating night cream for mature skin with visible loss of firmness and prone to wrinkles. Action: provides anti-wrinkle effect, strengthens and tones the skin, estores comfort. A Vegan product. Contains 97% ingredients of natural origin. Dermatologically tested.

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HYALURON Anti-wrinkle day cream - 50 ml - Floslek

Cream with a light silky texture for the daily care of mature skin, with visible loss of firmness and prone to the wrinkles. Action: strengthens and tones the skin, intensively moisturizes, fills wrinkles. A Vegan product.97% ingredients of natural origin. Dermatologically tested.

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SKIN CARE EXPERT® ALL-DAY PEARLS Brightening serum -...

A luxury product designed for modern women who expect spectacular results. Ideal for skin exposed to negative external factors, such as air conditioning, air pollution, lifestyle. The innovative Selfie effect technology® formula, based on precisely selected active ingredients, sealed in unique...

SKIN CARE EXPERT® ALL-DAY BB Multi-task cream 5 in 1...

An excellent choice for active women who value fast, natural and perfect look. The innovative Selfie effect technology® formula quickly melts into the skin, disguising imperfections or blemishes and reducing redness. The micro-MINERAL complex adapts perfectly to the complexion, giving it a...


An ideal formula for women seeking perfect and immediate improvement in the look of their complexion. Selfie effect technology® optically corrects imperfections, making the skin flawless and velvety smooth. Thanks to its active ingredients, the cream deeply moisturises, improves elasticity and...


A unique cosmetic designed for women who appreciate a perfect make-up. The base smooths and evens out the skin, filling in the wrinkles. The formula spreads evenly over the face, without accumulating in the folds. The skin receives an instant feels delicate and soft, and the make-up lasts much...