Rubs and tonics

Shampoos, styling tools and cosmetics as well as changes in the weather can dry out the hair and scalp. Good conditioning cosmetics with moisturising effect, e.g. hair rubs and tonics and mists protect the hair from drying out and improve the condition of the scalp.

Who should use hair treatments?

If your hair is weak, brittle, losing its density, colour-treated, damaged by styling and prone to split ends, using a hair rub may prove to be a salvation for them. The treatment has a beneficial effect on the scalp and hair roots.

How does a hair rub work?

A healthy scalp definitely has an impact on the condition and beauty of your hair. A clean, healthy and soothed scalp is the perfect foundation for the growth of strong, thick and shiny hair. The rub is a product that works directly on the scalp, which becomes soothed and the hair follicles perfectly nourished and strengthened.

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ELESTABion® W Anti–hair loss treatment - 100 ml -...

Highly concentrated treatment is intended for hair care chronically falling out, thinning, thin, weakened with a tendency to fall and lose their density. For men and women. Action: increases hair density in 77% of probants*, helps to reduce of failing hair (visible on the brush, after washing) in...

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