No matter what colour, length or style your hair is, everyone wants their hair to look like it's been treated every week. The dream of healthy and beautiful hair can be realised with the right care. Discover selected FLOSLEK hair products and enjoy the hairstyle you have always wanted!

How do I care for my hair?
  1. Wash your hair regularly - good hair hygiene reduces the build-up of dirt and excess sebum on your hair and scalp.
  2. Use the right shampoo - the choice of shampoo is based on the condition of your hair and scalp.
  3. Use conditioners - They contain active ingredients that improve the condition of your hair. Regular use of conditioners protects your hair from external influences and from heat styling.
  4. Do not use a hair dryer - excessive heat styling can damage your scalp and dry out your hair.
  5. Use a scalp pack - the application of a scalp pack in combination with a massage improves the blood supply to the scalp, restores the moisture content, relaxes the muscles, adds gloss and nourishes the hair.
  6. Trim your hair regularly - ideally every 6-8 weeks to get rid of split ends and improve the appearance of your hairstyle.
  7. Drink more water and eat well - an optimal diet contributes to strengthening and improving the condition of your hair.

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ELESTABion® W Strengthening hair mask - 200 ml -...

The mask provides intensive nourishing thin and weakened hair prone to falling out and losing density. The product is also recommended for people with sensitive skin, prone to allergies. Action: increases hair elasticity, strengthens, regenerates and smoothes dried and damaged hair, protects...

Price €5.57

ELESTABion® R Mulitifunctional hair silk serum - 30...

The serum is intended for intensive regeneration and protection of hair exposed to harmful effects of high temperature while using heat styling tools. Action: helps to restore hair softness, improves hair elasticity, perfectly smoothes hair, increases hair shine, provides a feeling of...

Price €4.31

ELESTABion® T Dermatological shampoo - oily dandruff...

Specialized shampoo recommended for cleaning and care of hair and scalp with oily dandruff and tinea versicolor, seborrhoea and greasy hair. Action: gently cleanses hair and scalp, helps to reduce signs of dandruff, reduces hair from getting greasy, regulates the operation of sebaceous glands,...

Price €5.39
  • Vegan

ELESTABion® S Dermatological shampoo - dry dandruff...

Specialized shampoo recommended for cleaning and care of hair and scalp with sign of dry dandruff and tinea versicolor, excessive flaking of the scalp. Action: gently cleanses hair and scalp, helps to reduce the signs of dandruff after 4 weeks of use and visibility of dandruff after 5 weeks of...

Price €5.39
  • Vegan