Foot care

Usually the motivation to take care of the skin of our feet is the approaching summer or a holiday trip. Then we take a close look at our feet, we notice corns, dry skin, cracked heels, bruises and abrasions. Sometimes, immediate improvement of the condition of your feet is impossible or very difficult. This problematic area requires year-round care to keep the skin healthy, soft and attractive.

Some good foot care habits.
  1. Check your feet - try to look at your feet regularly - pay particular attention to the soles, heels and the area between your toes. This way you will notice any changes and adjust your care to the needs of your skin. 
  2. Wash your feet with mild preparations in warm water. Hot water and soaps can have a drying effect on the skin.
  3. Dry your feet thoroughly - infections tend to develop in damp areas, so make sure you dry the area between your toes thoroughly.
  4. Use specialist foot care products - proper moisturising, protection against excessive perspiration, heel care and prevention of corns are the basic principles to keep your feet healthy and beautiful.

What to use for foot abrasions?

Foot abrasions occur as a result of the skin reacting to friction and pressure - most commonly from ill-fitting footwear.

The most common symptoms:

  1. rough, hard, yellowed skin that has developed at the site of pressure,
  2. skin sensitive to touch,
  3. pain when wearing shoes.

Corns can be prevented with BALERINA SOS stick against abrasions and blisters, which forms a protective layer on the skin surface.

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BALERINA Refreshing foot gel 50 ml - Floslek

Gel cools and restores comfort to tired and sore feet. Supports the regenerative processes, nourishes the skin, leaving it hydrated, refreshed and soothed. Regularly used, it softens and smooths hard skin, e.g. on the heels. Decreases excessive sweating of the feet. Vegan product....

Price €2.67
  • Vegan

BALERINA Potassium alum powder for foot, hand and...

Suitable for those who suffer from hyperhidrosis and with a tendency to form calluses. Gently cleanses, soften the skin, making it smooth and regenerated. It forms an invisible film, reduces pores, neutralizes unpleasant smell, refreshes and relaxes. Vegan product. Dermatologically tested.

Price €1.07
  • Vegan

BALERINA Intensive moisturizing foot cream 50 ml -...

Action: it soothes and calms dry and rough skin of the feet with a tendency to keratosis and cracking, ensures a deep hydration and nourishment to even problematic areas on the heels, smoothes and softens hardened skin. Dermatologically tested.

Price €2.67

BALERINA Professional foot treatment: peeling + mask...

Two-step home foot treatment SPA for people with very dry and rough feet, as well as those who suffer from corns and calluses. 1 STEP: softening and exfoliation of rough epidermis using the foot peeling which contains mandelic acid and acerola extract. 2 STEP: smoothing, nourishing and...

Price €3.03
  • Vegan

Balerina Anti-Friction Anti-Blister SOS Stick...

Effective to protect areas exposed to frictions and blisters. Forms an invisible barrier that reduces friction and rubbing of the skin. Nourishes, moisturizes and soothes. Well tolerated by sensitive skin. Convenient application. From 1st day of life. Application: blisters and frictions...

Price €4.09