For stretch marks and cellulite

We all know that the key to achieving the body of your dreams is a balanced lifestyle - physical activity combined with healthy eating and quality rest. However, there are body cosmetics which, when used regularly, can help to reshape your body and tackle bothersome cellulite, as well as improve the condition of skin with stretch marks.

How to get rid of cellulite?

Start dry brushing - daily body brushing and massaging can speed up lymphatic drainage, which helps eliminate toxins that accumulate in the fatty layer.

  1. Use exfoliation - regular exfoliation improves the elasticity and appearance of the skin.
  2. Apply anti-cellulite lotions - cosmetics for topical application help to strengthen and smooth the skin, making cellulite less noticeable.
  3. Eat healthy - try to reduce salt intake in meals, in your diet bet on whole grains and products with a lot of fibre.
  4. Drink plenty of water - lack of adequate hydration promotes water retention in the body and the formation of so-called water cellulite.

How to use body contouring cosmetics for best results?

Preparations from the line dedicated to body shaping perfectly care and effectively firm, beautify and smooth the skin. The delicate formula of the cosmetics is ideal for stimulating body massage, which stimulates lymph flow and supports detoxification processes. It ensures sensational results in the most problematic areas such as thighs, hips and buttocks, where cellulite and stretch marks most frequently appear, as well as abdomen, arms and calves.

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