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Overnight, delightfully creamy mask designed for dry skin, requiring deep hydration, as well as dry after the summer or stressed by external factors (e.g. air conditioning, wind, etc.). Also recommended for skin requiring smoothing, with first wrinkles and around the eyes. At night, when you fall...

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Overnight, silky cream mask designed for tired and gray skin, lacking radiance and also dry after the summer or winter season. Recommended for skin with discoloration and imperfections, regardless of age, both mature and younger. The mask can be used around the eyes. At night, when you fall...

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  • Vegan


Overnight, velvety cream mask for care of mature skin and preventively to delay the appearance of the first wrinkles. Also recommended for skin requiring immediate nourishing, dry and rough skin, e.g. after summer or winter season and around the eyes. At night, when you fall asleep, your skin...

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  • Vegan

CAPILLARIES pro® Gel mask - 50 ml - Floslek

Designed for all skin types with dilated capillaries, also sensitive, prone to redness caused by external (wind, temperature) and internal factors (stress, emotion). Effect: calmed, moisturized, lightened skin and visible improvement in the condition of the skin with dilated capillaries....

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A face mask is a standard part of any skincare routine - especially at times when your skin needs extra smoothing and soothing. Moisturising face masks with a light texture that doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy are ideal. Applied overnight, this mask will restore radiance and suppleness to skin and remove signs of fatigue.

How often do I apply a skincare mask?

Unlike other elements of your skincare routine - such as a moisturiser or serum - a face mask is applied less frequently, every 2-3 days. Applying a face mask before an important event improves skin condition, refreshes the complexion and enhances the effect of a healthy glow. Any make-up looks much better on well-groomed and soothed skin.  You can expect fantastic results with creamy face masks, which promote a deeply hydrating effect. Similarly, gel masks work by simultaneously cooling and smoothing the skin. Cream and gel face masks are ideal for all skin types, especially dry and sensitive skin.

Jak aplikować maseczkę na twarz?

The key element of preparation for mask application is thorough cleansing of the face. Peeling also provides excellent results as it allows the cosmetic to penetrate deeper into the skin. 

Once the skin is cleansed and ready for further treatment, apply the mask to the face (neck and neckline) - an amount the size of a bean is sufficient. Depending on the type of mask (as indicated on the pack), the face should be washed after a specific time or the mask should be left to absorb.