Do you follow make-up trends and choose your lip colour with precision? But in order to impress with beautiful lips, you need to take good care of them. No lipstick will look good on chapped and dry lips. And all it takes is a few beauty treatments. Proper care for dry and chapped lips at home. Here we go!

How to care for your lips?

The epidermis of the lips is very delicate and thin, almost completely lacking natural protection against moisture loss. It dries out quickly, becomes chapped and can crack. In order to keep it in good condition, systematic care is necessary, and under no circumstances should you lick your lips (no matter if it is hot or cold outside). It is true that it brings temporary relief and a feeling of hydration, but when the air is dry or the wind blows your lips dry out instantly; moreover, digestive enzymes contained in saliva contribute to increased drying of the lips.

Lip care in 3 steps.
  1. Peeling. It is worth making a sugar scrub every few days. This scrub gently exfoliates dead epidermis, perfectly smooths and gives your lips exceptional softness and elasticity. It is enough to spread a small amount of the preparation evenly on your lips, massaging with circular movements until the sugar dissolves.

  2. Lip oiling and moisturising. The epidermis of the lips does not have many sebaceous glands, which are responsible for providing moisture to the skin, so it needs extra oiling. Vaseline and lipstick are perfect for everyday use. Carry them with you and use them whenever you need to. For evening care, use a lip mask to repair and nourish lips.

  3. Make-up. Any lipstick will look good on well-moisturised, smooth lips. But if you want to brighten and optically enlarge your lips, reach for a shimmer. A unique combination of a nourishing formula and sparkling gold or silver particles will give your lip make-up a shiny finish.

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LIP CARE Sugar lip scrub Fertodi Rubina - 14g - Floslek

Sugar Lip Scrub with sweet raspberry flavour for the effect of velvety smooth and luscious lips! Action: makes your lips feel full, attractive and seductive, makes your lips perfectly prepared for the application of lipstick, lip gloss or vaseline lip balm. Scrub has a sweet and seductive aroma....

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