Cleansing and make-up removal

The secret to beautiful, healthy and radiant skin is proper cleansing. It's the first step in skincare, and it has a bigger impact on your complexion than you might think. In fact, cleansing determines whether the cosmetics applied in succession will be properly absorbed into the skin and have a chance to work.

10 best tips for facial care!
  1. Wash your hands first
  2. Remove all make-up thoroughly
  3. Use lukewarm water to wash your face
  4. Choose a facial cleanser that suits your skin type
  5. Apply the cleanser while massaging gently for at least 60 seconds
  6. Don't forget to care for your neck
  7. Use a light scrub every 2-3 days
  8. Replace your face towel often with a fresh one or use disposable paper towels
  9. Apply moisturiser after every wash
  10. Apply an overnight skin care mask several times a week.
Does make-up removal require the use of specialised cosmetics?

Make-up remover perfectly dissolves even water-resistant make-up. If you want to wake up with clear, radiant skin, it's essential to thoroughly remove all makeup in the evening. You're doing your skin the biggest favour by removing your makeup before bed. Sleeping in makeup can lead to dry skin, acne and even the accelerated appearance of wrinkles. Leaving your eyelids and lashes made up can contribute to eye infections, irritation, and brittle lashes. Make sure you remove your make-up every night.

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CAPILLARIES pro® Cleansing lotion - 200 ml - Floslek

Lotion for cleansing skin with dilated capillaries, prone to temporary or permanent redness and the formation of erythema. Action: gently and effectively cleanses the skin of make-up and impurities, relaxes, refreshes and soothes. Rose oil and eyebright extract are beneficial to the skin with...